Light day

Sitting in the light

Surrounded by darkness

My Demons ain’t found a way to end me yet

Is today the day

They Place theirs bets

Try as they will, Try as they might

I continue on

Long into the dawn

After the black sun rises

I still persist to exist

Much to everyone’s surprise


Serpent’s kiss

Slowly silently slithering

Whispering vague ruination’s

That hiss in one ear and slither out the other

Upon every lover

Here in the shimmering glittering light

Of your body rising and falling

With every flick of a forked tongue

Even moan, every gasp

Your soul in my grasp

As you swallow the young

And we move into the night

In unison with the rhythm of our dark imaginations

Until out of breath

And taken by the sweet little death

Bitter Ink

How often I drain my pen of the bitter ink

Only to dip it back in time and time again

Scratching out verses

With the blood of my soul

Hearing the words rattle off like ancient curses


Living off the hope

With a shattered mind

Wallowing in disrepair

Without a fuck to spare

Using the pain to cope

The only high I find

In my reality of low

The scars never show


The deep dark abyss of the light once again

Swallowed me whole

As I taste the sweet poison in my drink

That life has poured for me

I taste all I was, all I ever will be

Morning Star

Twisting, turning

I can feel it burning

My soul aflame

In the long night’s pain

Where winning and losing are the same

And there’s nothing left to gain

From the bones of tomorrow

That create only more sorrow

To go with the memories of dreams

That became the nightmares of which I would scream


If only I had a voice

I would sing of the folly of choice

I would say aloud

All that once made me proud

Yet only hasten my fall

In the hope filled vanity

Of trying to keep my war torn sanity

In a world gone insane

By the phantom pain


That hope brings like little whispers

From the graves of the brave

And broken star trippers

Who cannot be saved

In mourning of the passing day

In the morning of a new way


Some beg and some borrow

Some bring joy and others sorrow

Some stay and some go

Some I’ll never forget

Some I’ll never remember

Here in this cold December

Even if you insist it’s May

I feel the winters chill and know this is the darkest day

In a time of warmth the winds blow cold

Upon scars of old

Wounds that open daily that resist

The Healing of time

And demand to exist