With burning certitude
And self righteous conviction
You act, Yet you act the fool
With angry words your only tool
And when your vile venom is spit
You still haven’t said shit

Caught up in the feeling
Of that only one your mind can latch onto
That envious green
That makes you mean
Yet leaves you reeling
Is all you knew

Your all cashed out
And can do nothing but pout
As you know you’re ineffective
And mostly likely defective
For you there is no hope
And not even a way to cope



Prey for it

On the hunt again

A hyper-carnivore of all that I adore

Stalking that feeling

A game of hunter prey

An emotional vampire

Rising as the sun falls

Down the back alley of memory

Into the crowded streets of lust

On your knees to pray

But it’s not God you trust

With only one desire

To feel again

Easy target lost little lamb

So far from home

Why did you roam

Now you’re squealing

And tomorrow you’ll be

Nothing but a trophy

Senses reeling

As the sirens wails

Shadow dancing into the mourning

Before the dawns warning

Sunless Days

A silence so loud it’s deafening
A scream that goes unheard
A dreamless world
Where there’s nothing left worth defending

Only sorrow
For every new tomorrow
That I wake to
Confusion and corruption all under the sun
Whats a demon to do
When there’s nothing left to take
And even the angels are fake
Is the work done?

Angels with blood soaked wings
Rage with the dying of light
Knowing they are the cause
As Demon’s whisper with hope of new things
A better life in the long dark night
That is to come after the sun falls

A dark moon rises
With only the briefest glimmer
A soul would shiver
In the cold of lonely eyes
Found staring in the reflection
Of the mirror of perfection
That was created by the loss of innocence
When the words lost all pretense