The House

The wood covers the dirt
Even as it slips between the cracks
My walls hold ever so tenuously
As the pounding never stops
Doors bolted shut
Swing open as cold wind blows
The roof leaks with all the hurt
That pours from sealed windows

My house of ill repair
Falls in disarray
And in the rubble
That burns to ash
I sift for a clue
Of an existence



Eyes red with the ache
Heavy with the weight of worlds
The sleep that never comes
Restless slumber as the heart grows numb
Empathy all dried up
Left in the desert of sociopathy
To decide the course
Wrong or right have left
And now I’m here in the middle
Looking for the past in the future

The calm hours

In the heart of the void
There is nothing
Nothing for you to see
Nothing left to owe
No reason to exist

Only the will to persist
Nothing to you I give
For I no longer grieve
For lost chances and endless dances

I sit among the black
And accept the fate
Of a life absence of love and hate
In balance with the abyss
And nothing left to be missed

A soul in atrophy
Sold for the shiny coin of silver not gold
I am as the world made me
Damned and saved by the flash of thought
And the consequences wrought

100 Proof

A Hundred percent
Nothing and no one
Even me
Only my blood is hundred proof
A sad and lonely truth
That’s all it’ll ever be
After my time is spent
And long after I’m gone

When the liquor no longer burns
And you have nothing left to learn
Nothing to teach
And little worth to preach
When there are no new sins
And apathy sinks in
In the darkness you see
That’s where you’ll find me

And my book is now live

So yes the kindle edition is now available on amazon. Paperback should hopefully be up by Monday or Tuesday.  I always love going to amazon and seeing something I made up on its pages. Its a nice feeling. Even if it doesn’t sell any I can at least say I tried and I did something instead of saying wish I had.


It’s available here .


Stars burn out
Orbits decay
The light gives way to darkness
And all my goodness turns to madness

People they come and they go
Some stay for a moment
Some for their lifetime
Yet none for mine

I find my laughter where I can
I find it in the innocence
That I slaughter with each memory
I burn away with the chemicals
Scrubbing my mind , my soul clean
With the absolution of acidic solutions

Concocted by the need
To feed the beast its meager feast
I could live for tomorrow
Or die for yesterday
And only know today the sorrow
Come what will, come what may