Dark Allusions
Creating sinister illusion
For the wicked minds delusions
Creating even more confusion
As I fall to temptation
And squander my redemption
Without any reservation
In the halls of damnation



Eyes red with the ache
Heavy with the weight of worlds
The sleep that never comes
Restless slumber as the heart grows numb
Empathy all dried up
Left in the desert of sociopathy
To decide the course
Wrong or right have left
And now I’m here in the middle
Looking for the past in the future

Rainy Day Brainstorms

In the randomness that is my brain. A new idea sprung up replacing the preexisting plan i had conceived. The plan was to write  a book or rather turn a bunch of short stories or ideas into a book. That idea still exists, it’ll be worked on but for now it waits.

As i embark differently towards the creation of something new. And in that something new this exists.

” The common flaw of every age is that mankind thinks they cannot coexist. Every age needs balance. Without Hell there could never be paradise. Ignorance needs knowledge to protect it, While Knowledge needs ignorance so it is thirsted for. Science and magic reflect each other as much as they deflect each other. Reason and faith are like light and dark simply sides of the same coin. For an age to truly be great it must be gray. For neither the mentality of white or black will ever save the day or allow the world to truly grow.”

Yes it’s like sharing pieces of a puzzle without knowing the picture. Yet i felt like doing so.

The Trend

The rage of the heart
Is silenced by the violence of the soul
That lost control
In the torn apart reality
Of black and white
That melt into the gray

We didn’t fall to darkness
We became the darkness
In the darkness we were one
In the darkness all the sins were fun

There was no right nor wrong
There was only the song
The melody of freedom , of love
There was no heaven above
Nor hell below
Only the life we know

Yet all things good must end
That’s the true sin
That darkness cannot continue even
And in time the light will trend

Paperback is up ….

So the paperback is now available on Amazon. yet it’s not been linked yet to ebook version . Hopefully that want take long. Because I set the ebook to a super cheap price when a person buys the paperback.



I did it again….

So I did a thing, I’ve done it before but this time I took my time. Well sorta, I made another book comprised of old material and new unpublished works. I took time to edit and actually look for all the flaws that creep in when I post. Especially when I post using the app and not from a laptop. The result is this.



Now I’m awaiting the paperback proof version of my new book before I fully release it. Even though the digital proof of it looked okay. And I’m currently having to edit the book for kindle. Because of course the normal format to kindle format looks terrible. So that’s also in the works.

I really like the cover . Not gonna lie I think that cover is excellent for what the book is about. and because it took the publishing company a few days to approve it. I made a trip to the local print shop and had this made just for me.


While its a bigger more notebook like version of the standard book. And of course is just meant for me. I love it.

And finally I’m working on a short story book. Just gotta figure out which direction to take the short stories. I’ve got a few but they don’t exactly mesh well together in the same book. So that will be a choice of what stays and what goes.

Running on Empty

Exquisitely empty
An abyss in my chest
Where no light escapes
Dead lights in my eyes
As I lay my weary head to rest

Leaving is easy
When you have run out of truth to speak
When you’ve grown tired of scraps
And feed on the lies
Even the strongest feels weak

I see no stars to light the way
Nor know no peace of mind
Serenity is a dream
And reality is nightmare
No wonder I can’t help but scream

I know better than to the pray
For the universe has no place for my kind
Not now, not then nor anymore
I let go of all I care
Now and forever more