A winter ramble

Fuckety fuck it’s cold
And I feel old
Ancient even
With nothing left to believe in
Not even Santa Claus
Or a worthy cause
Like all great people realize
God is dead
And all that remains is lies



Some beg and some borrow

Some bring joy and others sorrow

Some stay and some go

Some I’ll never forget

Some I’ll never remember

Here in this cold December

Even if you insist it’s May

I feel the winters chill and know this is the darkest day

In a time of warmth the winds blow cold

Upon scars of old

Wounds that open daily that resist

The Healing of time

And demand to exist

Winter’s end

So another year on this earth

Marking my day of birth

An unforgiven chill in the air

As if to remind me to care

On this first day of winter

There was formed another splinter

From the universe

A soul ripped the void like a curse

Destined to walk

Bound to talk

Unable to truly see

Blind as blind can be

To truth of mind

A truth I cannot find

Not yet for I still draw breath

As I await death

The Parasite of Birth

The wind turns bitter

The long night begins

An errant call

Of a voice that should inspire love

Provokes memories of hate

A lifetime of broken promises

Thoughts of what could have been


How life could be sweeter

Instead left with the paternal sins

Of she who started it all

A vulture who comes like a dove

And speaks of the child she misses

With words like the wind


Words that empty my heart

Threaten my soul

Disrupt my peace

All because she has a need

In my life, she now desires a part

Not out of love but to troll

She can’t accept to me she is deceased


Rain falls from the sky

Yet from me there are no tears to cry

I will not allow myself to feel anything for her not even pity

She reaped what she sowed my apathy