The Messiness — ABCs Of Kink

My dudes, life is messy. This has been a public service announcement. The only thing we can do to stay circling around our borderlines buoyantly is embrace the messiness. Finding balance is an active state, not an accomplishment. Sometimes life asks you to be there for others until you’re so stressed out you need others…

via The Messiness — ABCs Of Kink


A Good Ending

I have reached my end
Before I even began
I lost the race
At the start

Before I go
I need to know
What was it all for
Was the pain worth the price

I lost mt heart
And hid my face
Because I would do it all again
Yes my friend

I surely would
If only I could
I am at the final door
And think only peace will be nice

How it ends

Welcome to the end
See how it begins
Not in sin
But with virtue twisted

Long is the road and easy is the path to hell
Down the narrow halls to closed doors
That became opened with a mistake
A litany of villains and whores

All there waiting to be adored
All in need
You reach for the specters of the dead future
While holding on to the corpse of the past
Hoping the present can last

Never seeing the folly
Of all you’re losing
As time passes you by
While you try

Rainy Day Brainstorms

In the randomness that is my brain. A new idea sprung up replacing the preexisting plan i had conceived. The plan was to write  a book or rather turn a bunch of short stories or ideas into a book. That idea still exists, it’ll be worked on but for now it waits.

As i embark differently towards the creation of something new. And in that something new this exists.

” The common flaw of every age is that mankind thinks they cannot coexist. Every age needs balance. Without Hell there could never be paradise. Ignorance needs knowledge to protect it, While Knowledge needs ignorance so it is thirsted for. Science and magic reflect each other as much as they deflect each other. Reason and faith are like light and dark simply sides of the same coin. For an age to truly be great it must be gray. For neither the mentality of white or black will ever save the day or allow the world to truly grow.”

Yes it’s like sharing pieces of a puzzle without knowing the picture. Yet i felt like doing so.