Out of time

Out of line

The end is near

And there is no fear

Murdering the sweet memory

Of all I ever sought to be

Leaving only a chalk outline for all to see


So many ways

So many choices

An absence of voices

And short days


Leading the path to edge

Beyond the map

To where my monsters roam

To find the place my heart calls home

I drink the poison on tap

And recite the pledge


The promise made

The promise broken

The promise forgotten

The promise disobeyed


And now only one promise remains

That which forever stains

The dirty soul that will never be clean

As always its just a means

To an selfish end

As always its the way of the fiend

Silence of the day

​The rambling of words.

 Dancing round my head. 

At a time when all seems dead. 

The warmth of the grave does beckon me to slumber. 

Though there is so much more to be done. 

And before the dawn’s hateful light.

 I shall go on in spite. 

With rage and lust as my guides. 

For within me all that was pure hides . 

From the monster I’ve become trying to remember. 

The me I never was. 

This is how monsters are made. 

This is all life truly does.

The final trick

​The father, the son, and the Holy Ghost

It’s my sanity I miss the most

Lost it to the game I didn’t want to play

Scratching out existence day to day

Living the life till I die

Where everything and everyone is illusion and a lie

Knowing what could be 

Yet the history I cannot see

Still onward I move with nothing to lose

Going foward by going backwards is the path I choose

Down the left hand path of individuality 

Instead of following the right hand path that leads to conformity 

Finding no solace to the shame

Nor knowing no fame 

Nor seeming infamy

In a time of misplaced anitnimy 

I travel ever forward

With a shield of melancholy 

And lust filled sword 

That cuts me with each thrust

For all of those I trust

My victory in life 

Will be my death to the knife 

I will die as I lived 

Winning by phyric 

Is all that is left of me to give 

Thus revealed my final trick