Roller Coasting

Down the spiral
Into the loop
A corkscrew of hope and despair
A broken down ride
Damnation gone viral
A perfect disguise
A human suit
Life without a care
No sin to hide
For no virtue to show
Only the last ride
Left to be my guide
The end I always know



I couldn’t draw what my imagination sees
I couldn’t sing what my mind hears
I couldn’t paint what my soul knows
Nor could I play the melody of what my heart feels

So instead I write
Each word a note
Each line a brushstroke
Every verse a chorus
Each work a picture
Of the my reality

We have eternity

To say I’m tired is only to belabor the point
People don’t admire my restraint enough
They think my mood swings sudden
When in truth they have been slowly building
My gentle nudges
Overt critiques
Always end up at a fuck you I’m out
Some dogs will not learn new tricks
And I’m to stubborn to give in to what I see as wrong just to get along
I’ll burn my world to the ground
To prove my point
Because worlds come and go
What’s one more lost when another awaits

Story Ends

Angels in my rear view
If only I knew
Where the highway goes
Better off dead
Than alive
Yet still I survive
Refusing the stairway
As I glide into milky way
A starry eyed surprise
An extinction level event in disguise
Looking to touch down

The things I regret
You will never forgive
And I will never forget
Yet I will go on to live
In the hell of the choice
That I made with my voice
Made with the words said
From a soul that is dead
And heart that was cold
As ice flowed from eyes
And broke upon the ground

You deserved better
And I was neither
And in that moment I knew
What I must do
I knew the road to nowhere
Was mine and mine alone
And my story would end
Where it began in the darkness