Grand schemes and forgotten dreams
Circle round
From the cradle to the grave
Everyone is a coward yearning to be brave
Yet no one will tell you all is not what it seems
Will you dance or will stand in the corner hoping for a chance
There’s only a choice
To what voice will you listen
The one that holds you down
Or the one that will see you free
Choose for yourself
Choose your path and see where it might lead


Quantum Dreary

You know my name yet you never knew my mind
If you could see the world as I do
What would you say
If you could hear the words
Would you know the reasons
If you could write the wrongs
Would you sing my song
Or would you cry as you learn the beautiful lie

There is no point
Everyone is losing
Everyone is lost
Everyone has always been lost
Knowing the truth comes as always with a cost
So lets blow this joint
And puff out the existence your choosing

In my blood

Born with tragedy
It flows in my veins
It pumps through my heart
Seeps into my mind
And blurs the perception

It’s all I know
Its always there
Behind the grin
In the laugh within

Never without a care
Always a thought
Of the damage wrought
In a lifetime of halves

Half truths, half tries and half lies
My spring meets winter’s wither and dies
As summer begins before the fall
That will take its toll
As I spin in and out of control

Looking for the soul
The heart of hope to go on
To learn a new song
To right my course before long
As I head toward the wall

Will it break or will I?