Planting seeds

Tending the garden

Mixed with love an a hateful flow

Seeing the vines grow

Up from this hellish Eden

To the rusted spires

Of a Paradise that pays no heed


Toiling in the fields

Blood and tears

Watering the ground

Nurturing the fears

That scream without sound

In the halls of weak wills


My roses bloom into bloody thorns

As Gabriel trumpets it’s horn

Hark no Angel sings

No Demon grins

As the end begins

And the bells of harvest rings


For I grow the sorrow

That I will harvest tomorrow

And know the peace of the empty grave

For to my deeds I am a humble slave

A reaper of nothing

And giver of anything


For the gifts ungiven

Stack so easily

As I wait for the time

To give them freely

Without reason or rhyme

The fruit is rotten


Yet will be eaten

For no knowledge will be of waste

No matter how bitter the taste

And the path forgotten

Will be remembered

By those forsaken

With the revelation of misnomer


Kinky Home — ABCs Of Kink

Karin Webb aka Creature




Something that’s been knocking about in my brain lately: Where we’re going, where we’ve come from… I’ve been through lots of different phases in my life, and I hope I never stop searching for the next horizon of interest. I’ve considered my identity to be “X” so many times. (To be fair, in reality, for…

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Surges of Love Amidst Brutality — ABCs Of Kink

I updated my Fetlife profile yesterday with some new photos (@CreatureCrea if you’re interested). A couple of them are a bit on the brutal side, depicting around 90 needles as my tools of torture in a CBT scene. As scary as that looks though, the session itself was nothing but loving and kind. Brimming with…

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So boredom, HearthStone Deck

Boredom, brings this post. So I’ve been on Hearthstone of late. I decided to post my most reliable deck for that game. Not really my favorite but it works. It’s a priest class C’thun deck.

Now for those that don’t know Hearthstone is a digital card game based on World of Warcraft(WoW). Not the biggest fan of the MMO, I always preferred it’s RTS (real time strategy) games. I hated the sorta predecessor of Hearthstone that being the World of Warcraft’s  paper card game. Which explains why only in the last couple months i started playing the game.  Oddly enough a Magic the Gathering youtube show I like brought up Hearthstone(MagicMics).

So in any case I have a very effective Priest class deck. Basically I win by outlasting the other player and/or playing a massive C’thun.  I like the C’thun card it’s a nice win con and rip off of Cthulhu from H.P. Lovecraft.

Its not the greatest deck but it works.  I really need to craft some different cards for it. Maybe in the next couple of day’s

Currently the 30 card deck has the following cards

Reckoner Of Evil  x 2

Mindblast x 2

Shadow word : Pain x 2

Twilight Geomancer x 2

Disciple of C’thun x 2

Shadow word : Death x 2

StoneHill Defender x 1

Tar Creeper x 1

Twilight Elder x 1

Vicious Fledgling x 1

C’thun’s Chosen x 2

Defender of Argus x 1

Hooded Acolyte x 2

Mass Dispel x 1

Fen Creeper x 1

Holy Nova x 2

Psych-o-tron x 1

Twilight Darkmender x 2

Volcansaur x 1

C’thun x 1



You know I don’t really blog anymore. Sure I jot down hasty posts, sometimes making little sense in them. Rarely checking the spelling or grammar. I hit post and go on about my day. It’s funny because I write out posts in my head but never put them to the screen. I just say meh and go on to the next thing.


Hell I started writing this post some hours ago and this is as far as I got. Sidetracked by other things. But point proven.

Today is just uggh

Pretty much a continuation uggh from yesterday. Work sucked,  so much the amount of sucking cannot be measured.  From working the first part of my 14 hour shift in the rain. When it wasn’t really supposed to rain.  So that was like 5 hours in the rain. Needless to say I was soaked by the time came to head to my next work site.

Quick trip home to change into dry clothes then off to the next place.  About half way thru that 8 hours. I got super nauseated, which was only made worse by certain smells at the site. Needless to say I was throwing up during every patrol.

Fast forward spending the whole day in bed , tired and feeling like shit.  This weekend has sucked that is all.

The games

A small add on to my previous post about Magic the gathering. Didn’t really mention the games that day. Of the old play group only 3 out 7 could make it. So myself, CL and BM played 1 commander game, and we drafted a box or Modern Masters 2017. playing two games of that. We didn’t have time for another commander game due to other things in life taking place.


The Commander game went as I expected.  Myself using a preconstructed deck from the commander 2016 set. I used the stalwart unity deck, commanded by kynaios and tiro of meletis. Its a group hug type of deck.  I only altered it slightly with 10 cards I could dig out that might give me a win chance. BM played a tricked out Animar , soul of elements deck big threats for cheap aggro.  While CL played Grenzo ,havoc raiser basically a goblin tribal aggro.

My deck performed as I thought under powered,slow and clunky. Hardly a threat to either. BM deck performed as we all expected. It was a slaughter.


The drafts were slightly different. Even though I don’t draft often , pretty much my second time doing so. I lost both drafts. Though I take pride in that I became the target of both them. First game I drafted a grixis aggro deck, BM a four color good stuff, CL went with jund aggro.BM won that game.


The next game I went a jeskai black deck, held a good cntrol of the board with blinking and enter the battlefield effects . CL went a simic blink deck, and BM went with a naya deck . CL won that with Dead eye navigator combos in the end.


So the score basically was

BM 2-1

CL  1-2

Me 0-3