Addressing Kink Scene Expectations and the Gap Existent within Individual Realities — ABCs Of Kink

I was talking to someone recently about how thoroughly different experiences and individual takeaways can be for persons sceneing with one another. It can be very challenging when it isn’t understood by your partner that the experience happening in their body/heart/mind doesn’t play out like your own experience of the scene you’re both engaged in. I…

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Another actual blog post wtf?!

So how about I actually write a blog? For a little over six months or so I haven’t really been using facebook. Sure I had one , I kept my old one and reactivated my very first profile mainly to make an author page and occasionally check out a group page or two. Today I went fully back on to Facebook. In the process of rebuilding the acquaintance list…yes I said acquaintance list. For me that’s basically what it is. Sure some are close to friend level but most are not. I tend to keep everyone at arm’s length. Just how I am.

Speaking of acquaintances I passed one the other day on the corner of the street. She was panhandling. I wasn’t in a spot where I could stop and be like wtf is going on with you. So I turned and pulled up in the nearest parking lot and walked back to where she was. I have basically known this girl since 2010ish off and on. I won’t call her a friend but yeah I know her. She’s had her share of problems from health issues being diagnosed with lupus as a child. To substance abuse problems as a teen and now adult. The last time I saw her was about a year ago when I was doing my security gig.

She was semi homeless then and jobless. I say semi because she had left her boyfriend for the countless time hence the homeless part. Jobless because she couldn’t make it to work or rather function at work. A stripper no less. Mind you she is not what you think of when you think stripper. Guess my city has some very low standards.

Anyways back to current affairs, she was still jobless a year later. Now on probation for probably shoplifting again plus using her sisters name as hers when they arrested her. Living in a tent and panhandling, she might be all of 27 years old. Yet this is the path her life has taken. You can tell the drugs have begun to affect her.From her memory to her appearance. I would of felt empathy for her but I really didn’t. I know some of the fucked up shit she has done to friends etc. So can’t feel to bad for her. Just sorta sad this the way she is going. She could have been more. She can be a sweet girl but those damn substance problems always cause her problems.

As y’all know I posted about publishing a second book. So that’s a highlight of the month. I have updated the profiles on a few of my social media from instagram,twitter,facebook (author page and personal) and fetlife. Wordpess is next at some point.

Who knows maybe I will blog more often.

Road Trip

Today I was utterly bored,so utterly bored. Between the heat of the day and my AC being next to useless it seems. It was one of those draining days where I couldn’t figure out what to do to alleviate my boredom. An hour long drive or so around town then looped back toward the western part of the state. Driving to a location I don’t know because what else have I got to do today. Least the roads were empty and that made the trip enjoyable.


These days I’m equal parts restless and dread going out. I hate that feeling. Some of it is probably because of switching back to day shift after what seems like forever. Now I have time to do things during the day. I can go out while the sun is shining but I’m like ugh people. And people suck from just idiot drivers to being obnoxiously loud in my opinion.

I’ve got to get a hobby. Something to occupy my brain. Writing isn’t doing it right now. It almost seems like a chore. And I feel like most of what I write I’ve said before. So now I’m only saying it in new ways or trying to figure out new ways.

One more day then my weekend starts

So in trying to actually blog, And have somewhat different content then my poetical rambles. Just to change things up from time to time. So back on day shift after such a long time. I like it but damn I’m still gonna complain about having a 20 min drive take over an hour because of road construction, stupid drivers and just plain idiots. Watched two almost identical Prisus’s run into each other at red light because the front one decided to stop on the yellow and not risk the red. Causing the one behind to slam on its breaks and rear end the first. Funny enough looked like no real damage was done to either.

Finally home , tired and showered off the new daily grime. And here I sit still working on the new book edit. Since I saw a few typo’s and missing words in the about the author section. So I have that done, now just to resubmit it and and then re-refix the kindle formatted one. And hopefully I’ll have it live and ready for download/purchase by the middle of next week.

Then maybe I’ll collect all my short stories and erotica. As well as the ideas I’ve had for others and flesh them out for publication as well. I have an awesome title for that one though feel it might be better for a different book. Since the short stories will span various topics of erotica and fantasy. And by that I mean not all of them are gonna be lustful sex filled stories.

But that’s later and this is now. And now my lazy ass is gonna sit here and become a vegetable. Of the potato variety as I move to the couch and watch show’s I already know by heart.

And today

So along with the soon to be published new book. My life has altered new job. Back on day shift, better hours and pay so that’s a plus. The commute to work in the morning is a breeze, the trip home on the other hand typically brings on the madness that comes with driving as a 20 min trip becomes an hour long adventure. Though it’s worth it least for now.

In other news found out today my brother in law passed away. Having finally succumbed to cancer. I hate that he died. He was always a decent fellow towards me. I always felt bad he married my sister. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone save a few people I really dislike. Least now he his suffering has ended in more ways than one.

In Service to Gold — ABCs Of Kink

I’ve been trying to figure out where to put my energy these days, and it’s a little overwhelming. Moving forward in a career which I feel has no real definition other than “utilizing my talents and drive” is hard. It takes risk, and energy, and for building blocks to be invented and reinvented constantly. I…

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