(I like this but the flow seems off. So basically a rough draft )


So much is born from it

Misunderstanding, acceptance 

Rage, hate, love and lust


Ah those moments of clarity 

The universe giving you charity 

Or is it a curse 

Like some ancient verse

Seeing the path ,knowing the answer 

Yet it’s to late to solve the question 

For its changed

Your already down a new course 

And no correction can be made

How strange

That in silence one finds destination 

Yet the path to it is gone

Nothing left to trade

For the ticket to paradise 

Is nothing but a hollow dream

A nightmare without a scream

Such is silence 

Where upon the soul reaps  its violence 


Winter’s end

So another year on this earth

Marking my day of birth

An unforgiven chill in the air

As if to remind me to care

On this first day of winter

There was formed another splinter

From the universe

A soul ripped the void like a curse

Destined to walk

Bound to talk

Unable to truly see

Blind as blind can be

To truth of mind

A truth I cannot find

Not yet for I still draw breath

As I await death