Pain Truth

It’s been said beauty is truth

And truth is beauty

Yet beauty is pain

So truth is pain

Pain reveals it all


The burden of the cross

Suspended on the cross

The lashes rain down

Blow after blow

How many who knows

Sweat dripping, skin redden 

Muscles swollen 

The question asked

“What’s the word?”

“Do you want your suffering to end?”

“Say the words.”

“You know you want to ”

The lashes start again 

Minutes turn to hours

Time stands still 

He holds his will

Again the question comes 

“What’s the word? ”

This time with shame in his eyes 

He speaks the word


“Please what?”

“Please give me more”

The lashing continues

As his body contorts 

In the pleasure of agony

The beauty of suffering 

The creamy white 

Trickles to the ground

He is spent

He finally has repent