Unknown syllables escape my mouth
Spouting gibberish rhymes
That make sense only to me
I paint the reality I see
With each annunciation
To no appreciation

All around look to see what to make of it
Yet only see the small
Missing the big picture
Missing the mark
Missing the last of my works
As the sunrises on another day
And light washes away
The shadows with which I play

Now nothing remains



I couldn’t draw what my imagination sees
I couldn’t sing what my mind hears
I couldn’t paint what my soul knows
Nor could I play the melody of what my heart feels

So instead I write
Each word a note
Each line a brushstroke
Every verse a chorus
Each work a picture
Of the my reality

A personal shrine — The Art of Sardax

This personal shrine was an unusual and delightfully original commission. The Lady M approached me asking for a set of drawings she could give to her beloved submissive as a birthday present. After some discussion revolving around miniatures the idea of a medieval foldable triptych was considered. It would be carried by her submissive whenever […]

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Simply amazing work from Sardax

Another Great Piece from Sardax

I really do love Sardax’s art.


The third in the Mistress Venus series – see the others here and here – shows the hapless commissioner again in a modified maid’s costume, forced to inhale the aroma expelled by a huge “cafetiere” style cylinder of used stockings. The device is not only for stockings – socks and panties can equally be squeezed to […]

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The Sardax Fairytales — The Art of Sardax

I’ll always love Sardax’s art.

This recent series – made for Japanese magazine “Goddess love” (女神の愛) takes the theme of traditional fairytales where the main female character is played by a world-famous mistress. Mistress Darcy as Snow White. This painting has been featured already here. She has captured her handsome prince in the little cottage and is preparing to take him from behind, to the […]

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