Letting go

Cease to resist

I feel the pull of the abyss

And give the goodbye kiss

Knowing I won’t be missed


I have given up the hope

And know only the ghosts

Of all I loved and lost

Of the future that never will be

And the past that never was

A present that can’t go on


The will to survive gone with the dying of the light

And in the darkness I thrive

The darkness I consumed

To feed my soul

To feed my need

And now here I bleed


Bleeding out into the world

Unknown and unsung in the hollow shallow shell

Of humanity forgotten to the core

I seek no comfort from the storm



Skipping through the wilderness of the abyss

Seeing all the things in life I miss

In death finding the time to catch my breath

And find the calm that eluded me in life

Dead to the world

Dead to the noise

Alive in the darkness

That comes from solitude

On Leather Wings

In the flames of life

When the quiet comes from strife

Rises a shadow of me

A shadow of what I used to be

In the smoky haze

I know the path of the maze

Tasting the fire on the tongue’s tip

Strength enough for one more trip


Back into the darkness

The light of the abyss

Beckons me

What will I see

As I fan the flames

And speak the names


Of the forgotten and the forsaken

Of the rights that were wrong’s mistaken

I travel the byways of the soul

Till I find the will to control

My decent into the earth

From which the demon will know birth


And on leather wings I will ascend into the tomorrow

With nothing but regret and sorrow

To fuel the fire within

And with my soul dipped and dripping the seven sins

Of all that I see around

And as I bring paradise down


Tell me what you want to hear

I’ll show you what I fear

Speak to me your lies

And I’ll let all the truth die


Look upon all with fresh eyes

And you’ll see the jaded disguise

Taste of my bitter flavor

And I’ll be your savior


Feel the melody

Hear the tragedy

Of all that came before

And all that I adore


All that fell into the abyss

With nothing but a kiss

And a wink

While I took things to the brink


A beast within

That knows no sin

The apex of predation

Knows no submission


Feel the cage of ribs rattle

As the heart dies

And with no tears to cry

The demon emerges to battle


There be no shelter here

For you nor me

You best flee

For the monster is near


No quarter given and none to ask

Checking off souls is merely a task

A devil I may be

In the mirror only an angel I see


​Black waters lick at the abyss 

The harbinger of discord arrives with a kiss

The cold breath escapes my lips

As my icy hands grip her hips 

Soft moans and whispers of shivers

Pour from darkened lips like honey rivers

There upon the abyss’s edge

She made her pledge 

While I was on bended knee

Was oblivious to her plea

For a spectre most foul

Was I ,who wore the crimson cowl

Made of the bleeding heart

Stabbed,slashed and turned into art

Discordian words of lust 

And in a life she didn’t trust

Made no difference to me

For only I could see

The dark light inside

She tried so hard to hide

A succubus with an angel’s heart

With a longing soul to be torn apart

I would weep

For I knew, I would be the one to reap

All that she was

Because a Devil is as a Devil does