Infinity Abyss

With the light of a new dawn
There is no hope
As I fall backwards into the abyss
Where forgotten dreams and nightmares coexist
Seconds seemingly stretch into infinity
Here in this darkness of boredom
Living only madness and sadness as ways to cope


How my brain works

So I sat down and started writing. This came to mind.

“This shell cracks
And the empty nothingness flows out
It covers all I see
And I realize it is all I will ever be”


My brain’s like nope, not good enough.

“The hard enamel shell breaks
Inside is nothing
Only ever flowing emptiness
It pours from the cracks
To rain down upon I see
And in the dawning of the night
I realize it’s all I will ever be”

Yup that works


How it ends

Welcome to the end
See how it begins
Not in sin
But with virtue twisted

Long is the road and easy is the path to hell
Down the narrow halls to closed doors
That became opened with a mistake
A litany of villains and whores

All there waiting to be adored
All in need
You reach for the specters of the dead future
While holding on to the corpse of the past
Hoping the present can last

Never seeing the folly
Of all you’re losing
As time passes you by
While you try