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THING 1 – This past weekend we celebrated the 11th year of ABSfest here in Asheville and I had the pleasure of participating in a brief interview with the local NPR station to talk empowerment through burlesque with some fellow ABSfesters and festival producer, Onca O’Leary. Find the link HERE. Many thanks to Onca for […]

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Shameless Plug For A Friend

Been a bit since I posted anything about my favorite Burlesque performer/DJ, The Lovely Queen April.  So here’s an update . Queen April and Co, have the Girly Girl Reveiw have started a patreon. Which all of ya’ll should check out.


The above is a screenshot of  one of her videos on it. You can watch the teaser video on her instagram.

Of course these are eidted from prying eyes and Facebook/Instagram censors. But you get an idea what  kind of content is on the patreon.

You can also follow April here on wordpress at the link below.

or her personal website