A talented dreamer
An early morning screamer
Nothing but coping mechanisms
A life not lived but fought
So broke I can’t even pay attention
Everything an after thought
A bundle of schisms
Making a person without completion
I’m never low because I’ve never been high
How can something that never lives ever die
Immortality one underachievment at a time


Story Chaser

You search for the rabbit hole

Seeking Wonderland

Run head first into any tornado

Hoping for Oz

You unwrap everything and everyone

Looking for that golden ticket

You spend your day haunted by the night before

Your escape of imagination

Has left you broken

Yet still you cling to hope

Hope that one day

You’ll see the rainbow of dreams come true

New Project

So after many sit downs and failed attempts, I started work on a new project. A new book which hopefully corrects the mistakes I made with my first self publishing. I was so excited back then to see my word in true printed glory. I rushed the editing, I rushed everything.

This new one somewhat in the vein of the last one, though with new content or fully fleshed out pieces will hopefully do better than the last. Though the sells of the first one never really sky rocketed or even limped to a finish line. It did sell a few copies both digital and paperback. So that part is always cool.

For me it’ll never be about the money, yes that part is of course nice. I’d be lying if I said otherwise. I just really like seeing my writings in print. Seeing them in a book format is always such a high. Scrolling down Amazon and seeing my book always makes me laugh inside. I did so today and saw where you could buy it for like 9 times the price I set on amazon from one of the other sellers on Amazon. And my thought was wow. Who in there right mind would pay that price. When they can get it for under $10 off amazon itself.

So far I only have the working title  and have completed the first 11 pages. Not bad in a few hours of work. Still need more content and of course a cover to design. That’s always the fun part.