Half Finished Drivel

You sleep hoping to escape
You run so much you wake exhausted
You steal time with every heart beat
Hoping its the last


Quantum Dreary

You know my name yet you never knew my mind
If you could see the world as I do
What would you say
If you could hear the words
Would you know the reasons
If you could write the wrongs
Would you sing my song
Or would you cry as you learn the beautiful lie

There is no point
Everyone is losing
Everyone is lost
Everyone has always been lost
Knowing the truth comes as always with a cost
So lets blow this joint
And puff out the existence your choosing


A congregation of confusion
A competition of diversion
Nothing more, Nothing less
In a world of noise
Words are useless
Meaningless abstraction
Unable to provide distraction
To the pain inside
That twists as it slides
Down and within
Through virtue and sin
As love and hate
Collide with fate

Up slide

In the halls of Shambala
I tumbled down a thousand steps up to Nirvana
Only to find my karma was gone
And here in this beautiful palace all alone
I found Hell
A gilded cage full of rage
For the soul I did sell
Like a hotel in California
You can check out anytime you like
Though you might not make it back
To where you came from
To where you want to go
You’ll find any pretense
To go from zero to intense
Basking here in the midnight sun
Trying to find the light of the day
To the violence I pray
Relief for none
As the conflict grows
And the blood flows
It floods the hole
Where should be a soul

A work in progress

I fuck with the fates
Because I’m sure I’ll escape
I dig the grave even deeper
Because death knows I’m a keeper
Six feet will never hold me
As life will never let me be

The sins of yesterday
Clashing with the dreams of tomorrow
Here in the present full of sorrow
I know my loves and feed my hates
Kept warm by the soft glow
Of the red as it flows

I ask the Angels what have I done
And get no reply
I sing to the Devils for my supper
And leave hungry