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A former Femdom turned cop is trying to be removed from her job because she didn’t disclose her previous occupation. Kristen Hyman aka Domina Nyx . Mind you these pics and vids are from 5 to 7 years ago.

The Mood

Sum’s it up quiet nicely.


Well, clean up the dirt
There’s just more dirt to clean up tomorrow
Make the beds you just have to make tomorrow
Wash the dishes, more to wash tomorrow
Make dinner, it just gets eaten. doesn’t it?
The world keeps growing and feeding
Doesn’t feed you, does it?

But, uh, how much can you take?
How much can you take before you snap?
How much can you take?
How much can you take?
How much can you take?
How much can you take before you snap?

Lying on your bed looking at the ceiling
Waiting for something to happen
And knowing all the time that you were meant
For something better
Feeling it
Wanting it
But, uh, how much can you take?
How much can you take?
How much can you take before you snap?




Stuff and Things… — Queen April’s Chatter


THING 1 – This past weekend we celebrated the 11th year of ABSfest here in Asheville and I had the pleasure of participating in a brief interview with the local NPR station to talk empowerment through burlesque with some fellow ABSfesters and festival producer, Onca O’Leary. Find the link HERE. Many thanks to Onca for […]

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The month of May so far

So the Month of May is close to an end. I for one am glad its over soon.  So far this month has been one long annoyance. First at work I switched sites to another one, so I could get off the 13 to 14 hour shifts I was working. Since I was working 2 sites to get my forty hours in a week. Sure I had 3 and 1/2 days off. But never had a weekend off. So I switched to 5 day , 8 hour shift for a little less pay and further from home. The first night I work my car decides to die. Which is great because it does it on a busy ass road.


From there it steadily got worse, Since the new site was 20 some odd miles from home, getting there wasn’t gonna happen. Not regularly my idiot manager suggested Uber, which I did check on. However that wasn’t gonna happen. Price wise it would take either half a days pay to all of it. So what would be the point in working. From there I got the car back on the road. Sadly it died again 24 hours later. From there a few days later My girlfriend got her older spare car on the road. So that I would have one to drive.


Fast forward to two days ago. Heading to the local card shop. I was in the road waiting to turn into the parking lot. When out of nowhere I get slammed by car from behind. Got hit hard enough to push my car almost down to the next turn spot of the parking lot. Hard enough to knock my hat off into the back seat and push the wheel well of the rear driver side tire into complete contact with the wheel.


The lady driving was to busy eating french fries to pay attention to the road. What really gets me is that for her not to realize my car was waiting to turn  and was in the road with signal on. Is that by being so distracted by feeding her face. She wasn’t paying attention to anything but the fries. Mind you maybe 25ft from an elementary school as well. Oh and did I mention it had been raining as well. She was so distracted by her fries she never even hit her brakes. So her hitting the car pretty much totaled it and gave me a hurt neck. Which has been truly annoying trying to do anything.


And now I wait to see what else can happen before the end of the month.


So boredom, HearthStone Deck

Boredom, brings this post. So I’ve been on Hearthstone of late. I decided to post my most reliable deck for that game. Not really my favorite but it works. It’s a priest class C’thun deck.

Now for those that don’t know Hearthstone is a digital card game based on World of Warcraft(WoW). Not the biggest fan of the MMO, I always preferred it’s RTS (real time strategy) games. I hated the sorta predecessor of Hearthstone that being the World of Warcraft’s  paper card game. Which explains why only in the last couple months i started playing the game.  Oddly enough a Magic the Gathering youtube show I like brought up Hearthstone(MagicMics).

So in any case I have a very effective Priest class deck. Basically I win by outlasting the other player and/or playing a massive C’thun.  I like the C’thun card it’s a nice win con and rip off of Cthulhu from H.P. Lovecraft.

Its not the greatest deck but it works.  I really need to craft some different cards for it. Maybe in the next couple of day’s

Currently the 30 card deck has the following cards

Reckoner Of Evil  x 2

Mindblast x 2

Shadow word : Pain x 2

Twilight Geomancer x 2

Disciple of C’thun x 2

Shadow word : Death x 2

StoneHill Defender x 1

Tar Creeper x 1

Twilight Elder x 1

Vicious Fledgling x 1

C’thun’s Chosen x 2

Defender of Argus x 1

Hooded Acolyte x 2

Mass Dispel x 1

Fen Creeper x 1

Holy Nova x 2

Psych-o-tron x 1

Twilight Darkmender x 2

Volcansaur x 1

C’thun x 1



You know I don’t really blog anymore. Sure I jot down hasty posts, sometimes making little sense in them. Rarely checking the spelling or grammar. I hit post and go on about my day. It’s funny because I write out posts in my head but never put them to the screen. I just say meh and go on to the next thing.


Hell I started writing this post some hours ago and this is as far as I got. Sidetracked by other things. But point proven.


So until yesterday I had never heard of this app.  In any case a friend of mine uses it. He is a very sweet, nice guy who happens to be Trans(FtM). In all the time I’ve known him around 6 years I think now. We’ve worked at two different  places together. He wouldn’t even harm a fly unless the fly asked him to. He’s nice that way.

The point I’m getting at is about to be made. He was using Grindr and I guess another user of the app took drastic offense of him being on there. Perceiving his lack of the chromosome as offensive.  This exchange took place.


Even I’m like wtf? This is how another member of the LGBTQ community treats another. So I looked up Grindr to see what it was and learn about it. Coming across this  comment from its creator Joel Simkhai, whom himself is a member of the LGBTQ community. The comment taken from an article on Haaretz . “I don’t like it,” he says, “but it’s not my job to police such things. I’m not a sixth-grade teacher.” As he is quoted as saying.

So while I’m still annoyed over the user on the other side speaking that way on Grindr, I’m actually more concerned over the comment made by it’s creator. It is your job. It’s your app, you made it. You should want a peaceful , tolerant  group on your app. Otherwise your no better than the users who spew the hate speech. Inaction is the same as agreeing with it when your in a position to control such things. I can’t even fathom the thought process he had saying that.

Hell this blog isn’t exactly mine per se, it ‘s on wordpress etc. But I’d shutdown the first hate speaking, bigot who’d popped up in a heart beat who commented on any post on here. Because it’s my blog.