New Project

So after many sit downs and failed attempts, I started work on a new project. A new book which hopefully corrects the mistakes I made with my first self publishing. I was so excited back then to see my word in true printed glory. I rushed the editing, I rushed everything.

This new one somewhat in the vein of the last one, though with new content or fully fleshed out pieces will hopefully do better than the last. Though the sells of the first one never really sky rocketed or even limped to a finish line. It did sell a few copies both digital and paperback. So that part is always cool.

For me it’ll never be about the money, yes that part is of course nice. I’d be lying if I said otherwise. I just really like seeing my writings in print. Seeing them in a book format is always such a high. Scrolling down Amazon and seeing my book always makes me laugh inside. I did so today and saw where you could buy it for like 9 times the price I set on amazon from one of the other sellers on Amazon. And my thought was wow. Who in there right mind would pay that price. When they can get it for under $10 off amazon itself.

So far I only have the working title  and have completed the first 11 pages. Not bad in a few hours of work. Still need more content and of course a cover to design. That’s always the fun part.


The Witchwood , Shudderwock season

So here we are three days after the arrival of Hearthstone’s new expansion “The Witchwood” And boy is it a mess. The meta hasn’t really settled which is to be expected after only three days. Though a new combo Shaman deck is literally becoming the most hated and possibly annoying deck to ever have existed. With a combo you can’t interact with that can go infinite to boot. With animation times running upwards of twenty minutes before you eventually die.

As you can see here in this video from Disguised Toast, though the combo orignally discoverd by Hearthstone player Trump as you can see in the second video.

The combo in question is this.


Basically you create like a handful of Shudderwocks and deal lethal damage as it repeats itself till your opponent is dead.


The problem isn’t Shudderwock but this guy right here.

download (2)

Here’s battle-cry is causes the shudderwocks to copy each other. If it was changed to say summon a 2/3 taunt minion instead there would be no more loop. See an easy fix and Shudderwock gets to stay the way it is. Though they still need to fix the animation problems, regardless.


The best/worst part is they knew this was gonna be a problem , this a quote from the lead designer  Ben Brode in Newsweek.  “Guys, whatever card you made that enables this, you just change it right now,” Brode told his colleagues. But it was too late and all the cards were slated to go into The Witchwood.

And then there is this

“I was like, ‘Nooooo. What have we done.’ So, um, I’m a little worried about that one,” Brode told Kotaku. the link to full article is below.


So they knew it was gonna be problem, and now they have an outraged gamer base of pros and casuals calling for a fix.

Another day, Another Shooting, Keeping America Great

Another mass killing, Another white guy on a mass killing spree. People sending their thoughts and prayers. FACE IT people if GOD cared , he ignored their prayers.  This is what our country has become. We’re all to blame for the state it’s in. Welcome to America, where just as likely to die on your knees as on your feet.

Five will get you ten that some dip shit televangelist will claim its GOD will. While others will go on the 2nd amendment defensive. Don’t take my assault rifle from me. Or better yet rattle off how if the people at the church had been armed they’d be alive.