Darkness is not the condition

It’s the solution

The condition is life

That glorious lie


Another day, Another Shooting, Keeping America Great

Another mass killing, Another white guy on a mass killing spree. People sending their thoughts and prayers. FACE IT people if GOD cared , he ignored their prayers.  This is what our country has become. We’re all to blame for the state it’s in. Welcome to America, where just as likely to die on your knees as on your feet.

Five will get you ten that some dip shit televangelist will claim its GOD will. While others will go on the 2nd amendment defensive. Don’t take my assault rifle from me. Or better yet rattle off how if the people at the church had been armed they’d be alive.


Family Ties


So it’s been about five days now since I found out I have another Half sibling. Like I needed another. So in short order here is the story so far. Dead beat sperm Donor parent already had two kids with his wife , then apparently had another with some lady. Three years before he met my psycho incubator of a parent. The unknown sibling grew up in the same town/school as his other two half siblings and never knew. Since his mother never told him till like 6 years after his non biological father died . That his father was a person he never knew.


He’s reconnected with them and that side of his biological family. And blam guess got told oh hey btw you have another half brother we never met either. That being me. And now after I guess a couple years of trying to locate me or the right person named me. He bumped into my incubator and blam. I get a Facebook message saying hey I’m your brother. Umm no, Then he explains umm okay.


Sadly for him this is a big deal. Which makes me feel a bit bad for him. Because to me it’s just another reason to harbor my hate of the sperm donor. I don’t really want a connection to that side of the family. To me it’s never existed and never will. Let me set the stage for this. On his Facebook was a public post with a picture of the sperm donor. It explained how he found out etc. To this post was replies from some his friends (and in turn were actually unknown relatives of his)who had known the sperm donor . They talked about what a good man he was etc. I call bullshit because a good man, fuck a good human being doesn’t go and have two kids with two other women while married and have nothing to do with one who lives maybe a few miles away and doesn’t flip flop over whether or not the other kid(that being me) is his when then incubator sues for child support. Now the sperm donor has been dead over two decades.


I saw him 3 times that I can recall, once on my 5th birthday. Again when I was like 10 at the blood test to prove yup motherfucker I’m your son , you piece of shit douche bag. And maybe when I was around 11 or 12 in the court room. When the sperm donor and incubator were trying to decide on child support and custody. All I really remember of that day was not once did he say my name. I was referred to as the boy. Even when he talked to the incubator and me in private. I recall perfectly what I said to the judge when he asked if I wanted to visit my sperm donor on weekends and the like. HELL NO, why would I? He’s known about for 12 years and then tried to deny I exist. Btw the blood test even back in the late 80’s came back saying 99.6 % chance he was my sperm donor.


In the end I never visited nor saw him again before his death maybe a year later. I never sought out his other two children nor any of his family. I already had one set of half siblings from the incubator since she had five kids from her first marriage , eight years before I was born. I’m not the biggest fan of them as some you know and most of you can tell from this. So now here’s an unknown sibling popping up wanting to have a Little brother. Yes he has referred to me as that a few times. Motherfucker you’re only 3 years older okay almost 4. And even my half siblings I grew up don’t refer to me as little brother.


Now besides my now natural disdain for genetic family connections. We get to the part where yes We differ on a lot of things. From viewing his Facebook, he’s overly proud of that confederate southern heritage and want’s to make America great again. Need I say more. The only thing I’ll do is bash his politics and stomp on that heritage bullshit. I’m from one county over and I don’t buy into that bullshit. Plus I have nothing good to say about the sperm donor. So I seriously doubt that side of the genetic family want’s their illusion destroyed when I drop cold hard reality about what type of man he was. And nothing will change my opinion not a single scrap of information can alter the fact. He knew he had two other kids and made no effort to be in their lives.

Our Bodies are Amazing — ABCs Of Kink

Our bodies are amazing. It’s simply true. Our skin is this incredible material which holds our innards in despite gravity, tearing, impact, burns, and broken bones inside its casing. Pain is this amazing tool that our bodies offer us in conversation. It proves a malleable experience which we can turn up or turn off the…

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So this week in my semi favorite games.

So 3 games I play this week unveiled either new stuff or anniversary events etc. That being Magic Online, Hearthstone and Pokemon Go. Lets start with Pokemon Go since its the most lackluster of news.

Pokemon Go turned one year old this week and how do they celebrate it. By yet another event of catching a pikachu with a hat. Not just any hat it’s an Ash hat. Okay are you excited?….. chirp chirp chirp…. Didn’t think so. Yeah that’s it besides an anniversary gift box you can buy for 1200 coins. Which includes six egg incubators, two premium raid passes, six Max Revives and 20 Ultra Balls. Of the four types of items available, only the premium raid passes are exclusively available to the in-game store. You save a 100 coins buying all these items like that or you can just visit pokestops or level up to receive most of these items save the raid pass.

No Legendary Pokemon still, no trade mode, no battle mode no true tracking feature returned for the anniversary . Instead you get another hat. WTF, talk about a shitty event. I hardly play this game anymore, I have to be truly bored to even turn it on. And the sad part was it had such promise and started out good. No wonder reports have it in the low millions as in like 7 million players now versus the  almost 100 million of players they had at the start.  Goes to show people get bored when the game has no actual purpose and there’s nothing but repetitive game play.

Next we go Magic the Gathering Online,  who’s latest offering fixed the error they made two months ago by making Commander or Edh focus solely on 1v1 matches. Introducing a ban list they hampered the multiplayer and didn’t match up with the multiplayer ban list used by the players of it in real time. Now the 1v1 and multiplayer have been separated like THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN to begin with. LIKE THEY ARE in the real time play. Got to say MTGO drop the ball and totally screwed the pooch on the choice not to do that to begin with.

With this fix comes updates to 1v1 banlist which even as someone who dislikes blue magic thinks is a wtf moment.

Ponder is banned.

Preordain is banned.

Brainstorm is banned.

3 of the best cards in blue. Now what makes this funny is in commander or edh, for those of you who don’t know you can only have 1 of each card in a deck of 100. Not like the typical Magic deck of 60 cards where you can 4 of each. So now I have to ask if those cards that 1 of are to powerful for edh. How can they not be to powerful in a format that allows you use four of them? The Official post is here.

Also not nowhere on the post does it say the quick fix of changing all your multiplayer decks properties  to Commander  since they all got changed to Commander 1v1 two months ago. Another Fail in the MTGO social media posting of late from a company usually better than this.

Now the best thing this week, Hearthstone next set was announced. Knights of the Frozen Throne. This actual looks great.  I’m not even gonna  talk about it just share the link. Because they say it better than I could.

How cool is that? I know right that’s awesome. At least one game I like to play is doing something right. The other two need to take notes.