The month of May so far

So the Month of May is close to an end. I for one am glad its over soon.  So far this month has been one long annoyance. First at work I switched sites to another one, so I could get off the 13 to 14 hour shifts I was working. Since I was working 2 sites to get my forty hours in a week. Sure I had 3 and 1/2 days off. But never had a weekend off. So I switched to 5 day , 8 hour shift for a little less pay and further from home. The first night I work my car decides to die. Which is great because it does it on a busy ass road.


From there it steadily got worse, Since the new site was 20 some odd miles from home, getting there wasn’t gonna happen. Not regularly my idiot manager suggested Uber, which I did check on. However that wasn’t gonna happen. Price wise it would take either half a days pay to all of it. So what would be the point in working. From there I got the car back on the road. Sadly it died again 24 hours later. From there a few days later My girlfriend got her older spare car on the road. So that I would have one to drive.


Fast forward to two days ago. Heading to the local card shop. I was in the road waiting to turn into the parking lot. When out of nowhere I get slammed by car from behind. Got hit hard enough to push my car almost down to the next turn spot of the parking lot. Hard enough to knock my hat off into the back seat and push the wheel well of the rear driver side tire into complete contact with the wheel.


The lady driving was to busy eating french fries to pay attention to the road. What really gets me is that for her not to realize my car was waiting to turn  and was in the road with signal on. Is that by being so distracted by feeding her face. She wasn’t paying attention to anything but the fries. Mind you maybe 25ft from an elementary school as well. Oh and did I mention it had been raining as well. She was so distracted by her fries she never even hit her brakes. So her hitting the car pretty much totaled it and gave me a hurt neck. Which has been truly annoying trying to do anything.


And now I wait to see what else can happen before the end of the month.



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