So boredom, HearthStone Deck

Boredom, brings this post. So I’ve been on Hearthstone of late. I decided to post my most reliable deck for that game. Not really my favorite but it works. It’s a priest class C’thun deck.

Now for those that don’t know Hearthstone is a digital card game based on World of Warcraft(WoW). Not the biggest fan of the MMO, I always preferred it’s RTS (real time strategy) games. I hated the sorta predecessor of Hearthstone that being the World of Warcraft’s  paper card game. Which explains why only in the last couple months i started playing the game.  Oddly enough a Magic the Gathering youtube show I like brought up Hearthstone(MagicMics).

So in any case I have a very effective Priest class deck. Basically I win by outlasting the other player and/or playing a massive C’thun.  I like the C’thun card it’s a nice win con and rip off of Cthulhu from H.P. Lovecraft.

Its not the greatest deck but it works.  I really need to craft some different cards for it. Maybe in the next couple of day’s

Currently the 30 card deck has the following cards

Reckoner Of Evil  x 2

Mindblast x 2

Shadow word : Pain x 2

Twilight Geomancer x 2

Disciple of C’thun x 2

Shadow word : Death x 2

StoneHill Defender x 1

Tar Creeper x 1

Twilight Elder x 1

Vicious Fledgling x 1

C’thun’s Chosen x 2

Defender of Argus x 1

Hooded Acolyte x 2

Mass Dispel x 1

Fen Creeper x 1

Holy Nova x 2

Psych-o-tron x 1

Twilight Darkmender x 2

Volcansaur x 1

C’thun x 1



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