So MTGO has this to say, I still say bite me.

So  MTGO or Magic the gathering online. Posted this today via tumblr and twitter.

I still say fuck them. They knew better than to suggest those changes. This is yet again Wizards of the Coast (WOTC) not listening to the consumers who purchase their products to begin with. Be it online or paper.  So until July 5th , that’s 2 months away multiplayer commander or edh on MTGO is fucked up. Thanks to them supporting 1v1 commander. Commander is a multiplayer game first with 1v1 being the variant not the main way to play.

This along with the recent stupidity in their late banning of the Felidar Guaradian /Saheeli Rai, waiting two days later after their official ban announcement to do so. Then of course saying they needing data from  MTGO to know for sure. That’s bullshit  everyone from Pro’s to the normal standard player(least the ones not running it) wanted it banned . Because of the lack of answers to it, and they (WOTC) even admitted they didn’t realize that combo would happen.

Basically two weeks in a row WOTC has disrespected it’s player base then had to back pedal on the issue.  All I see is a lack of forethought in execution, a lack of respect  for the player base and this recent one smacks of them trying to take the Commander format from the community and make it fully theirs with the attempt to say MTGO plays Commander this way. Instead of it’s current state which mirrors the multiplayer paper format.


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