Just when things are going decent 

So driving home from work, everythin g seems fine.  Got off 2 hours early,Maybe 10 miles from home,  nice busy ass intersection. My car decides to die or rather start dying, so I turn up a hill. Because I know if I stay where I am it’ll be a complete traffic fuck up. Get about 10 feet up the hill, no where near a drive way or area on it to pull off.  Stop there pop the hood and face nothing but smoke.  

Get back in the car , decide to coast in neutral back down the hill. To steer it onto the grass area. Dodge two big ass light poles, a ditch and a fire hydrant. 

Get the car and semi flat ground. And 2 and half hours later. 1 tow truck and ride from my girlfriend I’m home. Fml. 


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