To far RACK vs SCC

So I decided to write another actual blog post. I know right two in two days what is this world coming too. This one is on the topic of Online public humiliation which is a facet of BDSM. More to the point this about people either willingly posting there private info and what most would consider embarrassing pictures for the world to see. For this I rounded up two examples from the internet. A guy and girl, both I’m assuming submissive. Given the pictures and poses. Both put out pretty much everything needed to contact or find them online . And in some cases at home(which is where I’m like damn that’s maybe a bit to far).



Now the question is did they simply do it to themselves or there Dominant as a form of a scene. Both look willing. Both holding signs saying to expose or with information needed to expose them on it. We all know once something goes online it’s pretty much online forever somewhere. It’s just a matter of it being found or someone re-posting it.


Since I decided to be nice I blanked out the info and faces of these two. In case they no longer wish they had went this far. For the record I don’t think either was “revenge porn”. Which is typically when an ex lover or simply a person who doesn’t like you posts you private pics they obtained either because you sent them to them or they found them somehow. Since both are holding expose me signs. So at some point in there lives they wanted to be seen this way.


Yet why?, was it the thrill of being online in such a vulnerable state. Admitting to the word this is them. The idea that friends or family might happen upon them in some random way. And see them humiliated and smiling. Was it a task by Dominant they complied with to show their obedience , a punishment for failing to obey a command or task. Was it just to fulfill a fantasy of humiliation?


With either of them the reasons are unknown. The girl has plenty of nudes spanning a long time frame up, various hair styles and colors. The guy at one time even had YouTube videos , non nude but very humiliating acts of him serving or playing humiliation based games with his Domme. Sadly they are no longer on YouTube. If I recall right there was about 6 of them. She tore into him verbally , physically and every other way imaginable. One video had him drinking from a clearly used toilet. Only in one video was the Domme herself fully shown as she berated and caned him. The entire time he agreed or thanked her . Mine you he was bent over a stool dressed in what is typically thought of as slutty clothing for a woman to wear. And at one point gagged with a sock.


There’s tons of sites out there with this particular play on it. Tumblr is almost bogged down by such sites. Men and women posted for the purpose of humiliation willingly and some unwillingly. Both of them at one time had tumblrs dedicated to their exposure. Google searching their real names doesn’t lead to their pictures of humiliation. But add exposed or the like and you are sure to get a hit. Or a goggle image of one of them.


Still the question is this total almost irreversible humiliation worth it. It goes with out saying this not S.C.C. (safe ,sane and consensual) but rather RACK ( Risk Aware Consensual Kink).How far are you willing to go get what you need. What’s to far? That’s the question I’m asking those that read this. In your opinions is this to far? And why?


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