Able Cain

When I was young , I wanted to be a hero

A great man, I wanted to be hope

As I aged, life took its toll

Dreams faded

Hope died

And the life I knew was a lie


All I ever gained returned to zero

I did all I could to cope

Yet still I spun out of control

I became jaded

Empty inside

With no tears left to cry


I became the villain

I became Cain

With my youth as Able

I thought that would make my world stable

A slave to my own ambitions

A fool with a myriad of decisions


I sought the easy path

For I spent all my fury and wrath

On hating myself

And the only wealth

I had to gain

Was spending my pain


I spent it freely on each and every thing I held dear

I did it out of fear

Fear of loss

Fear of failure

I didn’t see the cost

Didn’t realize the future


And now I’m trapped in my past

Knowing I can’t last

Unable to go forward or back

For in truth it’s the will I lack

Nothing awaits me in the end

This is simply the truth my friend



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