The fifth horseman 

And after a time

Once the seven had been broken

The litany of sin and virtue 

Did muddy as justice became crime 

For the world had been forsaken 

By all the deities of man, this was surely true
As the fires would burn

And all hearts took a jaded turn

The lamb placed the scroll 

Upon the flame

For no one was to blame

The eighth seal was broken 

As science and religion took its toll

A new voice was spoken
Saying come and see

What’s become of me

Behold a horse of violet 

And she who sat upon it was Apathy

She spoke to the lamb 

I’m eighty  percent exhaustion, ten percent sarcasm and twenty percent don’t care
The lamb confused 

Uttered that’s a hundred and ten percent 

Apathy replied twenty percent of me don’t care

She rode off across her lands

To all the palaces of man

And in turn the world began


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