My Religion

Everyone saying my religion is love

Ha! My religion is love

Love in all its forms

From the perverse to the norms

Love unfettered

Love is more than one emotion

Love has many tethered

In ways beyond devotion

Love is caring and compassion

Yet let’s not forget the fire and passion

The little hates, the rage and jealously

Let’s be true to the word, lets acknowledge the envy

Let’s be sure to know love is more than compassion

Love is hate after a fashion

All things started with emotion evolve

Like problem waiting to be solved

My religion is my common sense

That tells me right from wrong

The hates that keep me strong

When oppression’s words ring

And none are standing

I kneel only to get a better view

I pray to no alter

Or false idol

I pray to the strength within

For in the end it’s what I always do

I pray my own morals never falter

And I’m true to myself both in heart

And in my art

For I shall never find love in my heart nor forgiveness for some

For the wrongs, they have done

And that as they say is final


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