​All to well I know this sin

It’s  where I  always begin

How many times have I stood tall 

Only to fall

I work hard at all I do 

Even the things that come easy 

I want perfect 

I want my work and my words to have meaning

Sometimes  they don’t  seem to strike any nerves

Sometimes  they fall flat

Just like me they get what they deserve 

I do things in my own way

I do not like to need help

And because  of this I have been 

A lot of things from arrogant to mean

Though it’s not always what it seems 

For me to swallow  my pride is harder than you think

It’s  a taste in my mouth that I will not drink

Yet when I fall

As I always do

I simply  begin a new 

And that’s  my true sin

I never know when to quit


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