L or L

​Leather and lace

Cold steel and locked in place

No sight,  no sound

Mouth full and bound

Helpless, lustful

Dying for  a touch

Dripping with anticipation 

Tortured by the beautiful 

Idea of utter submission 

To the desires of the willful 

No escape from the pain 

No retreat  from the pleasure 

Of knowing every moment  is a treasure 

Each strike of the cane

Another red lash I gain

my suffering  is the coin of the realm

With her ever at the helm

Steering  me into the abyss

Of submissive bliss

Craving more

Like a lovesick crack whore

Begging, pleading

Always needing

Jonesing for a fix

Falling for her tricks

And savoring  every bit

as I submit


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