Life as it is

So I’m sitting here,debating what to write.  I’m not in the mood to churn out any of my poetry nor rant. I’m more just “meh”.  It’s been an odd week or three, life changing realizations. A snowy hell caused by a few inches. I say hell because on my road unfortunately a few inches last forever.  Today’s the first day in like five I’ve drove to work. And since I work overnight those other nights were annoying.  The first night I got the determined bright idea to walk to work. What can I say I like my paycheck not being short money. It’s only a couple miles, I’ve walked plenty further in my life. So off I went into the icy cold, did the same the following morning home. Luckily the next 3 days my girlfriend was able to pick me up at the top of my road. And drop me off. See on my little dead end street, it’s down hill and never gets sanded or scrapped because of that.  Just enough tree and houses to block the sun hitting the road in all the spots it need too. 

So 5 or 6 inches of snow tend to hang around. Plus doesn’t help my car is light,rear wheel drive and not really made for snow. Though not truly complaining it gets me to and from where I need to be. So yeah finally tonight I was able to drive up my hill and to work. 

Got a couple days off coming up, and working a day shift this week.  So yea, more money. And we all need money. Bills got to be paid etc. 

Think I’m getting off point of why I intended to wrote this. Guess because I’m not in the mood to write. So y’all will probably be reading older things I’ve wrote for the next few days till I feel inspired to do so.


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