The Dominus and the girl

(Something old I found on my phone, since I don’t really wanna write something new. Here ya go.)
​The wee hours of the morning

The silence broken by her moaning 

She wants more and more

Even with her body aching and sore 
She craves  it

She needs it

She begs just for  a little  bit

I give her the tip
She moans

For I am the one who owns

Her pleasure  is mine

To give and to take

She thinks it’s  love we make

For now that’s  fine
In time she will see that  she is my slave 

As she will  learn  to behave

She calls me Dominus

When it’s just us

In public she calls me Sir

Her submission  is pure 
She is my girl

And I am her world

I command

She obeys

It’s  the only way

Before  me she never can stand 
She kneels in her heels

She shows  her devotion 

By kissing my boot

Even if she objected the point would be moot

It’s for  me she will always crave

That  is why she is my slave 

She loves the way my tongue feels
The way my strap moves in for  the kill

She will never feel

This with any other

I have broken her for the next lover
So she moans 

And she knows  that  pussy  is owned


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