New year, same me, new me

​A new year dawn’s

A life seen in reverse 

A life thought of as a curse

So many choices 

So many voices
Drowned in the waves of uncertainty 

Trying to be me

Yet never being free

Hiding in plain sight

Sure some knew

Yet still not in the light 

Always unsure of what to say or do

Never knowing the purity
That comes from being true fully to oneself

Raging wars upon my health

Both physical and mental 

Never sure of the fallout emotional 

Tired for no reason 

Always feeling out of season 
Some would say it’s a private matter

Others would not care

All this I know to be fair 

Though truth be told it’s me

It’s not just a part but a sum

Been a half so long when all I want is to whole

So my truth is the latter

My truth is me

So here I am naked to the soul

Not sure what is to come 


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