Light time

​I have spent my time in the light. Communing with the most vicious of Angels

And seen Heaven as it is

I have spent my time in the night

Down in the depths of nine Hells 

Dining with sweetest of entities 

In the end I learned their all the same

Pale reflections in a humorless game 

I walked the shores of limbo

Looking for answers in it’s abyss

Only to find more questions

Little did I know 

That not all questions need answers and not all lovers kiss

I explored the furthest reaches of sensations

Only to find them lacking

I found myself on the streets 

Wandering down the alleyways 

Waking up in silken sheets

And fucking for days

I found myself on my knees

Trying to appease

I found myself seeking redemption 

Trying to change the situation 

It didn’t matter

None of it did

Mad as a hatter 

I stood my ground when I should of hid

I had learned the truth of life

Pulled from my back the knife

And plunged it into my heart

I bled out creating sweet art

And with my last breath 

I knew at last the final riddle

As I met death 

No longer in the middle 

I was a beautiful tragedy 

And in my pain ,my joy there was beauty 


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