End of the Year, New Start

Ah, so here I sit at about 1:30 am, I decide it’s time to blog. My previous blog dealt with a lot of things going on in my life. In virtually every aspect of it. From relationships both romantic to nonromantic even to vanilla to BDSM ones.  So far in this new blog I’ve touched on very little of my life only posting the things I poetry I write. And even only a few of those have touched on anything related to kink or been overtly sexual.  That will change in time.


I guess with this blog I’m trying to get those who like my writings instead of those who for the kinky misadventures of my existence. Plus, as I am still trying to define this blog I’m still defining myself. I’m constantly evolving and growing my opinion of self in all manners from sexuality, gender roles to simply who I am. I’m beginning to see who I am truly though I’m not quite ready to share that fully with the world.


So, for now I share my poetry and short stories (yes, I know I haven’t posted any here yet). See the biggest problem I think is I am or have become more open about myself. Yet I don’t wish to cause any problems for those that care about me or associated with me. Sorta have them judged because of me.  So, I’ve held back some. Which yes, I hate to do. I loathe self-censorship but it’s sometimes necessary. I mean let’s face it. I’ve pretty much renamed every social media I’m on after me.  No alias or nickname, it’s me. About the only thing, I haven’t done is put a link to my personal Facebook lol. Though who knows that may change as well.


For like everything about me, Things change. I have been the son, brother, surrogate father/big brother figure, the leader, the follower, the Dom, the switch, the slave, slut, whore and so much more. The saint and the sinner and everything in between. And now I’ve begun to see fully who I am.


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