​Neither  sight  nor sound is his

Bound he sits

Helpless  as the day he was born

No escape

No way to utter a sound

As her moistened panties fill his mouth

How long has he been this way

He cannot say

An hour or a day

He swears he slept 

Yet he is not sure

He has lost all sense of time

His last sight  was her smirk

He last sensation  was the belt being removed

His manhood free

Yet unable to even touch it

He sits, he stews  in his thoughts

What will she do?

How long will he remain tied?

Where is she?

Has she forgotten  him?

Fear and anticipation rise

As he tries to remain calm

He’s  pleas of release nothing more than muffled  whimpers

He sits

And as he lowers his head

She begins


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