Pokemon Go Xmas Event…bah humbug

Ah, Pokémon Go the holiday event is here. And other than the adorable cute Santa hat wearing Pikachu I say it’s terrible. When compared to Halloween and Thanksgiving this event is lackluster. So 7 new Pokémon were introduced. Yet you can’t catch them, you must hatch them from 2km,5km and 10km eggs.

The problems with this is.

  1. It’s winter, you hatch eggs by walking. Who wants to walk in the cold?
  2. You have to space for the eggs in your inventory. Which means only 9 egg spaces. Which like most people are currently filled by pre-event eggs.
  3. You get the eggs randomly from Pokestops.
  4. The Contents of the eggs are random. So, you don’t know if all that walking is going to give you one of the new baby Pokémon.
  5. You have to purchase incubators to truly benefit from it.

So yeah not a fan of this update. I’m still waiting on battle(PvP) and trade mode. Two of the most important aspects of the game that have yet to be touched. And let’s not even get started on the tracking system. That still needs improvement. The new nearby system showing the Pokestops is still subpar for this game.

The Official Announcement:




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