Saying Goodbye

So this blog is coming to an end. It’s time to start fresh. It’s time to grow. There’s a new blog in the works for those that wish to follow. I’ll be posting the link here soon.

Though the new blog will go more the route of blog posts which this one was sorely lacking. And more into kink and fetish fuckery. The poetry will be there just more perhaps what inspired it.

Portrait of Ms Jaded Halo 3 — The Art of Sardax

In her cute pink uniform Ms Jaded Halo seems every inch the innocent student, ready for class. But the setting is altogether more bizarre. She stands in a strange cave, symbolic of the virtual arena where her slaves cluster enthralled by her, awaiting her attention, and there to provide her with any tribute she desires, […]

via Portrait of Ms Jaded Halo 3 — The Art of Sardax

A secret

I’ll tell you a secret
I’m always depressed
Have been for years
Some days are good
Others not
I’m functional but never wholly there
I’ll have my moments of laughter
My moments of smiles
Hiding my truth
I haven’t been truly happy in years
I distract myself with anything I can
People, places and things
I distract myself with hope
Even though it feels like a rope around my neck
Leaving me gasping for air
I live off the lies I tell myself
Hoping tomorrow I’ll feel like I used too
That tomorrow I’ll be better

Life as I know it

I’m going nowhere fast
That’s the story of my life
Left behind is my glory
Left behind is all I think I ever cared about
If I ever really did
Love that was given to me never felt real
Materialistic needs never filled my void
Friends and family discarded by truths in lies
And here I exist
Standing when I want and kneeling when I wish
A slave to a feeling I can’t resist
In a world I never understand
Yet can’t escape
At times it’s hell
And sometimes it’s paradise